Re-Source Southeast 2021

September 14, 2021

Sustainable energy for a competitive industry

The RE-Source Southeast conference opens a new chapter in the calendar of events dedicated to the corporate supply of renewable energy and energy storage opportunities in Southeast Europe. It is a result of the signed memorandum between the Association for Production, Storage and Trade in Energy (APSTE), the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association (BGWEA) and the Re-Source Platform for the creation of a regional hub for sharing knowledge and good practices to promote corporate renewable energy supply in Bulgaria and in -wide aspect in Southeast Europe.

The program of the conference is focused on giving a broader and professional understanding of the importance of corporate energy supply contracts and the related opportunities and challenges. It is designed to bring together consumers, producers and traders, both from Bulgaria and abroad, to create new partnerships and opportunities.

During the conference the participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted:

All participants will have the opportunity to meet potential partners in a specially organized B2B session.

The RE-Source SouthEast conference will be held ONLINE only due to COVID restriction measures

09:00Official opening – Miglena Stoilova (BGWEA) and Nikola Gazdov (APSTE)

Policies for market integration of new RES projects

 The panel will discuss the political visions for RES development in the Bulgarian energy sector.

  •  Miroslav Damianov- Deputy Minister of Energy
  • Ivan Hinovski, Chairperson – Energy Commission in Parliament
  • Delian Dobrev, Deputy Chairperson – Energy Commission in Parliament
  • Ramadan Atalay, Deputy Chairperson – Energy Commission in Parliament
  • Vladislav Panev, Member – Energy Commission in Parliament
  • Ralitsa Nikolova, APSTE (Moderator)

Regional integration of the electricity markets

The panel will discuss the plans of the energy regulators in Bulgaria and Romania and as well as of transmission grid operator ESO with respect to the regional and European integration of the electricity markets.

  • Ivan Ivanov, Chairperson – Bulgarian energy regulator EWRC
  • Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Vice-president, Romanian electricity regulator ANRE
  • Angelin Tsachev, Executive Director – Electricity system Operator (ESO)
  • Mariana Yaneva, APSTE (Moderator)

Green industry – mission (im)possible?

 The panel will view RES development through the lens of industrial consumers, focusing on their needs and expectations.

  • Kiril Domuschiev, Chairman Of The Supervisory Board – Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB)
  • Rumen Radev, Vice-chairman of the Management Board – Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA)
  • Tim Kurth, CEO – Aurubis Bulgaria
    Krassimir Dachev, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)
  • Ivaylo Naydenov, Ph.D., Executive Director – Bulgarian Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (BFIEK)
  • Nikola Gazdov, APSTE (Moderator)

Development of new RES projects in Southeast Europe

 The panel will discuss the renewable energy potential of Southeastern Europe in terms of resource, know-how, macro framework for investments and incentives that create a stable and favourable business environment.

  •  Tanya KarageorgievaUniCredit Bulbanк
  • Dimitar Enchev, Co-founder & Director – CWP Global
  • Severin Vartigov, Country Manager – Enery
  • Martin Georgiev, Chairman of the board – Association of traders with electricity in Bulgaria
  • Ciprian Glodeanu, President – Romanian photovoltaic industry association
  • Nikola Gazdov – APSTE (Moderator)

Corporate strategies for green electricity supply in SEE

 This panel will offer practical advice on corporate procurement of renewable energy – via electricity trading company, direct investment in on-site RES system for self-sonsumption or via PPAs.

  •  Dimitar Botev, Managing Director, PV Consut
  • Dimitar Bartov – Manager, Synergon Energy
  • Dimitar Tsekov – Tehcnical and Operations Director, Renergy
  • Andrey Rekalov – Commercial Director, Toki
  • Krasimir Zhivachki, ATEB (Moderator)

RES projects challenges and market exposure

 The panel will explore in detail the challenges of developing non-subsidized renewable energy projects in Bulgaria and the SEE region as a whole.

  •  Velislav Belnikolovski – Director, Enery Element
  • Lubomir Evtsatiev – Executive Director, Solarpо
  • Delyan Iliev – Managing Director, REIB
  • Kaloyan Velichkov – Managing Director, Sunotec
  • Boyan Karshakov – Chairman, Association Hydroenergy
  • Miglena Stoilova, BGWEA (Moderator)

Innovations and energy storage systems

 This panel is dedicated to the market perspectives for RES generation technologies development and energy storage solutions. APSTE will present a detailed report on the market potential for energy storage solutions in Bulgaria. The speakers will also discuss the know-how and experience of Bulgarian companies in designing and implementing energy storage systems and hybrid power plants with integrated storage such as the systems envisaged in the last draft version of the Bulgarian Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP). The latest trends and technological breakthroughs in  solar plus storage will be discussed, too.

  •  Iliyan Popov – ,Research Associate, Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, Bulgarian Academy of Science
  • Dimitar Tsekov –Technical Director, Renergy
  • Kaloyan Dimov – Executive Director, SolarMD
  • Alexander Rangelov – Executive Director, IPS
  • Maria Merdjanova, – Sales Director, Jinko Solar
  •  Mariyana Yaneva,  APSTE (Moderator)


Ivan Hinovski

Chairperson - Energy Commission in Parliament

Delian Dobrev

Deputy Chairperson - Energy Commission in Parliament

Miroslav Damianov

Deputy Minister - Ministry of energy

Ivan Ivanov

Chairperson - EWRC

Vladislav Panev

Member - Energy Commission in Parliament

Angelin Tsachev

Executive Director - ESO

Dimitar Enchev

Managing Partner - PostScriptum
Co-founder & Director - CWP Global

Severin Vartigov

Country Manager - Enery

Martin Georgiev

Chairman of the board - Association of traders with electricity in Bulgaria

Ciprian Glodeanu

President - Romanian photovoltaic industry association

Rumen Radev

Vice-chairman of the Management Board - BICA

Kiril Domuschiev

Chairman Of The Supervisory Board - KRIB

Ivaylo Naydenov, Ph.D

Executive Director - BFIEC

Tim Kurth

CEO - Aurubis Bulgaria

Krassimir Dachev

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Svilosa

Alexander Rangelov


Andrey Rekalov

Commercial Director - Toki

Delyan Vasilev

Manager - REIB

Boyan Karshakov

Chairman - Hydropower Association

Dimiter Bartov

Manager - Sinergon

Dimiter Tzekov

Technical Director - Renergy

Kaloyan Dimov

CEO - Solar MD

Kaloyan Velichkov

Managing Director - Sunotec Group

Nikola Gazdov

Chairman - APSTE

Tanya Karageorieva

Head of Financing - UniCredit Bulbank

Velislav Belnikolovski

Director - Element Power

Miglena Stoilova

Chairperson - BWEA

Zoltan Nagy-Bege

Vice-președinte - Anre

Mariyana Yaneva

Director Policy & Communications - APSTE

Ralitsa Nikolova

Director Business development - APSTE

Iliyan Popov

PhD, Chief Assistant at Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems - Bulgarian Academy of Science


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