RE-Source Southeast 2024

Sofia, Bulgaria

RE-Source Southeast Conference 2024

RE-Source Southeast is the largest event dedicated to corporate sourcing of renewable energy in Southeast Europe. It brings together industrial and corporate consumers, project developers, electricity traders and renewable power producers.

The 2024 event will zoom in on the latest trends in power purchase agreements (PPAs), electricity trading, regional market updates, ESG strategies and corporate sustainability policies, decarbonisation strategies in different industries, energy storage market uptake, financing terms for renewable energy projects, and more.

Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to meet and network with leading industry players, high-level experts and future partners.


2024 Key Topics:

Buyer Bootcamp - 15th of May

8:30 – 9:00 Welcome coffee & registration

9:00 – 12:30 Buyer Bootcamp – your one-stop-shop for corporate PPA training

The Buyer Bootcamp is aimed at energy buyers in corporate, government and other organisations, including:

  • Procurement/Energy managers
  • Accounting/Finance managers and CFO’s.
  • Contracts/Legal managers
  • Sustainability managers

This morning will be dedicated to Interactive workshops and Q&A sessions with experts & market players covering the main aspects of the PPA negotiation process:

  • Types of PPAs – key terms, structures, benefits & limitations
  • Negotiations. Valuating and comparing PPAs. Balancing price stability with flexibility in PPA negotiations
  • Common challenges of the power markets in SEE & how to manage them. Price & volume hedging strategies
  • Technical risk management. Ensuring quality and longevity of the underlying renewable energy assets
  • Learning by doing – examples of successful PPAs in SEE
  • Communicating your green energy supply in ESG reporting

Knowledge Partners:

PwC Poland – cPPA Hub

  • Dawid Gorol, Manager, PwC Poland, CEE cPPA Hub
  • Jan Biernacki, Director, PwC Poland, CEE cPPA Hub

MBS Consulting

  • Ralph Sassun, Senior Manager, MBS Consulting


  • Vlad Cordea, Managing Attorney at Law, Schoenherr Romania
  • Dimitar Kairakov, Attorney at Law, Schoenherr Bulgaria

Case studies:

  • Severin Vartigov, Chief Commercial Officer, Enery
  • Dr. Christian Maly, Senior Project Manager PPA Origination, wpd onshore
  • Milan Kamaryt, PPA Origination, Rezolv Energy


Day 1 - 15th of May

12:30 - 14:00

Welcome & Registration

Networking with light lunch & drinks

14:00 - 14:30

Keynote speech

Key policy makers will chart the road from COP28 to Southeast Europe. The discussion will focus on the local implications of the global target to triple the installed capacity of renewable energy and double the rate of global energy efficiency improvements. What does this mean for industrial decarbonisation strategies and could we create and foster connections across the entire value chain of the renewable energy industry.


  • Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director-General, DG Energy, European Commission
14:30 - 15:15

Opening session: A snapshot of the renewable energy offtake market in Europe

Leading industry associations will discuss the complex landscape of corporate sourcing of renewable energy in Europe, the business challenges and opportunities for Southeast Europe within the European energy market, and successful strategies to de-risk and optimise PPAs and merchant offtake.

Moderator: Dr. Evangelos Gazis, Market Lead for South Eastern Europe, Aurora Research


  • Andrej Stancik, Senior Policy Advisor, Energy Traders Europe
  • Liesbeth Switten, Secretary General, Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB)
  • Daniel Dang, Director Business Development, SolarPower Europe
  • Viktoriya Kerelska, Director of Advocacy & Messaging, WindEurope
15:15 - 16:15

Mainstreaming corporate procurement of renewable energy on the Balkans

The session will focus on highlighting concrete examples of corporate sourcing of renewable energy on the Balkans and discuss the key levers to translate the green PPA concept into working business models. The panelist will dive into various tools and strategies - from certificate trading to co-location and hybridisation of projects, to different PPAs structures in Bulgaria and Romania to multi-buyer schemes such as the Green Pool mechanism in Greece.

Moderator: Nick Bitsios, Head of Brussels Office, Mytilineos


  • Andrea Bandiera, Environmental Commodities and Renewable Energy Trader, ACT
  • Dimitar Bartov, Managing Director, Synergon Energy
  • Petya Dimova, Head of Enery Portfolio Optimization, Enery
  • Milan Kamaryt, PPA Origination, Rezolv Energy
  • Konstantinos Nazos, Deputy CEO, Chief of Energy Management, PPC Group
16:15 - 16:45

Coffee break

16:45 - 17:45

Financing, bankability & risk management in renewable assets & PPAs

The panelists will discuss different ways of unlocking capital to back renewable energy and storage projects through dedicated national & EU funds, the role of private equity investors in speeding up investments.

Moderator: Radoslav Mikov, Partner, Wolf Theiss


  • Konstantin Kirov, Head of Sustainability Department, ProCredit Bank
  • Viktor Garbev, Executive Vice President, CWP Europe
  • Svetlin Pislenski, Associate Director, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • Nikola Mihajlovic, Senior Investment Officer, IFC
  • Alexander Zahariev, Head of Strategy, Sunotec
  • Dimitar Dimitrov, Business Development Manager, REIB
18:00 - 20:00

Networking cocktail

Day 2 - 16th of May

8:30 - 9:00

Welcome Coffee & Networking

9:00 - 10:00

Cross border cooperation and the role of the grid for the regional power market integration

Electricity does not stop at borders. Increasing shares of renewable energy and decentralised generation raise the level of balancing complexity, in parallel, increasing interdependencies between the different transmission systems. This session will bring the perspective of transmission system operators ESO, IPTO and Transelectrica for the regional grid capacity development.

Moderator: Nikola Gazdov, Chairman, Association for Production, Storage and Trading of Electricity (APSTE)


  • Dimitar Zarchev, Director of the National Dispatch Center, ESO, Bulgaria
  • Massimo Ceccariglia , Director for Grid & Regulation of East Europe, Mytilineos, Greece
  • Andrija Oros, Procurement and Grid Connection Manager, CWP Europe
  • Dr. Biljana Stojkovska, Transmission and Congestion Commercial Manager, bp

10:00 - 11:00

Power of data and data of power

Data is the new oil. This session will look at how data can empower the energy transition. The panelists will share insights on business models that leverage data to optimise revenue generation for renewable energy asset development, operation and trading.

Moderator: Liliya Goranova, Head of Insights, SeeNext


  • Peter Nemcek, CTO, CyberGrid
  • Martti van Blijswijk, Senior Consultant, Siemens
  • Nikola Gabrovski, Project Manager, Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX)
  • Dimitar Kairakov, Attorney at Law, Schoenherr Bulgaria
  • Kaloyan Milushev, Growth Associate EMEA, Fluence
11:00 - 11:30

Coffee break

11:30 - 12:30

Level up. How storage can boost return on investment in renewable energy

As the share of wind and solar in the electricity mix continues to rise at an unprecedented speed, growth pains of curtailments and low capture prices are felt throughout the industry. At the same time, batteries are now following into the footsteps and steep S-curves of wind and solar to take us one level up in the energy transition. This panel will share insight how storage - hydro-pumped and batteries can each add value to renewable assets.

Moderator: Mariyana Yaneva, Vice Chair, Association for Production, Storage and Trading of Electricity (APSTE)


  • Sepehr Soltani, Lead Energy Storage Analyst, Rystad Energy
  • Martin Georgiev, CEO, National Electricity Company (NEK)
  • Lucia Dolera, Business Developer Manager for BESS, Jinko Solar
  • Dr. Simon Sinsel, Global Head of Sales BESS, Siemens Energy
  • Michal Kalousek, Chairman of the Executive Board, Photomate
12:30 - 14:00

Networking Lunch

Parallel events

14:00 - 15:00

The other half. Sector coupling and renewable energy corporate sourcing beyond electricity.

This session will explore the potential of heat-pumps, agrivoltaics, floating solar, thermal storage and power-to-X to tackle “the other half” challenge, offering market intelligence, practical tips and real-life examples from pioneers in the field.

Moderator: Atanas Georgiev, PhD, Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski


  • Vladimir Tabutov, CEO, HEC Solar
  • Simeon Beloreshki, General Manager, Stratum Engineering
  • Raymond Decorvet, Senior Account Executive, MAN Energy Solutions
  • Dragomir Ivanov, Founder and CEO, Hydrogenera
14:00 - 16:00


The site visit to a demo battery energy storage system (BESS) is organised by APSTE, in cooperation with International Power Supply (IPS). A bus will depart from the conference venue to the demonstration site where the organisers will present key technical parametres and operational logic of a BESS. A question-and-answer session will follow the tour of the demo system.
We encourage you to submit some questions beforehand via the last field of the registration form below and help us prepare a truly interactive workshop, packed with practical insights!
Please, wait for an e-mail confirmation of your registration from the event organisers! Due to limited capacity, not all registrations for a site visit during RE-Source Southeast will be approved. Nevertheless, we encourage you to state your interest for a site visit, so we can plan a follow-up event.


Matthew Baldwin

Deputy Director-General - DG Energy, European Commission

Liesbeth Switten

Secretary General - Association of Issuing Bodies

Daniel Dang

Director Business Development - SolarPower Europe

Martin Georgiev

CEO - National Electric Company

Severin Vartigov

Chief Commercial Officer - Enery

Andrea Bandiera

Environmental Commodities and Renewable Energy Trader - ACT

Milan Kamaryt

PPA Origination - Rezolv Energy

Nicholas Bitsios

Head of Brussels Office - Mytilineos S.A.

Dawid Gorol

Manager - PwC Poland, CEE cPPA Hub

Dimitar Kairakov

Attorney at Law - Schoenherr

Sepehr Soltani

Lead Energy Storage Analyst - Rystad Energy

Konstantin Kirov

Head of Sustainability Department - ProCredit Bank

Lucia Dolera

Business Developer Manager for BESS - Jinko Solar

Vladimir Tabutov

Founder and CEO - HEC Solar

Konstantinos Nazos

Deputy CEO & Chief of Energy Management - PPC Group

Svetlin Pislenski

Associate Director - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Dimitar Bartov

Managing Director - Synergon Energy

Dr. Biljana Stojkovska

Transmission and Congestion Commercial Manager - bp

Martti van Blijswijk

Senior Consultant - Siemens

Vlad Cordea

Managing Attorney at Law - Schoenherr

Andrej Stancik

Senior Policy Advisor - Energy Traders Europe

Dr. Evangelos Gazis

Head of Southeast Europe - Aurora Energy Research

Jan Biernacki

Director at PwC Poland - CEE cPPA Hub

Mariyana Yaneva

Vice Chair - Association for Production, Storage and Trading of Electricity

Alexander Zahariev

Head of Strategy - SUNOTEC

Radoslav Mikov

Partner - Wolf Theiss

Peter Nemcek

CTO - CyberGrid

Petya Dimova

Head of Enery Portfolio Optimization - Enery

Ralph Sassun

Senior Manager - MBS Consulting

Andrija Oros

Procurement and Grid Connection Manager​ - CWP Europe

Michal Kalousek

Chairman of the Executive Board - Photomate s.r.o.

Viktor Garbev

Executive Vice President - CWP Europe

Dr. Simon Sinsel

Global Head of Sales BESS - Siemens Energy

Dimitar Dimitrov

Business Development Manager - REIB

Kaloyan Milushev

Growth Associate EMEA - Fluence

Liliya Goranova

Head of Insights - SeeNext

Dr. Christian Maly

Senior Project Manager PPA Origination - wpd onshore

Viktoriya Kerelska

Head of Advocacy & Messaging - WindEurope

Nikola Mihajlovic

Senior Investment Officer Infrastructure and Energy - IFC

Nikola Gabrovski

Business Development Manager - Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX)

Dragomir Ivanov

Founder and CEO - Hydrogenera

Simeon Beloreshki

General Manager - Stratum Engineering

Raymond Decorvet

Senior Account Executive - MAN Energy Solutions

Nikola Gazdov

Chairman - Association for Production, Storage and Trading of Electricity (APSTE)

Atanas Georgiev, PhD

Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

Massimo Ceccariglia

Director for Grid & Regulation of East Europe - Mytilineos, Greece

Dimitar Zarchev

Director of the National Dispatch Center - ESO, Bulgaria

Kiril Marinov

Head of Engineering - IPS

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Renewable Energy Industry in Southeast Europe 2024 report by SeeNext

As Southeast Europe (SEE) has made breakthrough progress in greening the power supply in recent years with unprecedented growth in installed capacity, it is now tasked with the next challenge - how to balance supply and demand, and how to advance the installation of new capacities but also guarantee the stability of grid infrastructure when these capacities come. Energy storage solutions and grid modernisation are the two main components in tackling such challenges. To find out more for the RES Industry in SEE, download the report here.

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